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From concept to finished product, innovative automation is our passion.

From concept to finished product, innovative manufacturing is our passion.

Innovative Contract Manufacturing: From Concept to Finished Product

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Minimize Tooling Costs with Short Run Production

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At NuLine Manufacturing, innovation meets contract manufacturing excellence. We are your go-to partner for innovative contract manufacturing services designed to turn your initial concept into a polished, finished product. Our mission is to offer cost-effective solutions with minimal tooling costs and the ability to facilitate short-run production, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality.

Discover the NuLine advantage, where flexibility and responsiveness are not just differentiators but the very cornerstones of our commitment to your satisfaction and success.

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

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Medical & Dental Components

In the realm of healthcare and dentistry, precision is of the essence. We manufacture a range of essential products for both industries:

Our gel packs are meticulously crafted for therapeutic and medical use. They provide targeted relief, cooling, and heating properties, making them invaluable for various applications.

NuLine Manufacturing excels in producing vapor bags, known for their efficiency and reliability in storing and dispensing a wide range of materials

We specialize in producing critical medical components with uncompromising quality, adhering to the highest industry standards. We are ISO 13485 certified and are able to offer medical component manufacturing and assembly within class 7 clean rooms.

Our dental components are crafted with utmost accuracy to meet the exacting demands of the dental industry.

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Industrial & Multi-Use Solutions

In the industrial and multi-use sectors, versatility and durability are paramount. NuLine Manufacturing provides innovative solutions for various applications:

We offer automated solutions for creating inflatable packages, ideal for promotional materials, protective packaging, and more. Our machines ensure precision and efficiency in every package.

Our foam stop bags are designed to provide effective insulation and safety, ensuring that products perform optimally.

Packaging efficiency and waste reduction are top priorities for every industry. We can produce void-fill pouches, streamlining your packaging processes and minimizing waste.

Food & Beverage Solutions

When it comes to food and beverage, NuLine Manufacturing delivers precision, freshness, and quality with every product:

Our hot fill bags are designed to preserve the freshness and quality of hot-fill products, ensuring that food and beverages reach consumers in the best possible condition.

We manufacture soup bags with superior seal integrity and packaging quality. They are ideal for preserving the taste and freshness of your soups and liquid products.

Our liquid packaging solutions are tailored for various applications, ensuring safe and efficient storage and distribution of liquids.

We provide innovative solutions for hydration products, ensuring that your beverages are conveniently packaged for consumers.

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Your vision, our expertise – together, we create excellence.

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At NuLine Manufacturing, we understand that each industry has unique demands and requirements. Our commitment to quality, precision, and innovation ensures that we can meet and exceed contract manufacturing expectations across various sectors. Whether it’s healthcare, industrial, or food and beverage, we have the expertise and resources to turn your concepts into finished products.

We are ready to bring your ideas to life. Contact NuLine Manufacturing today to embark on a journey of innovation, quality, and success.