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From concept to finished product, innovative automation is our passion.

From concept to finished product, innovative manufacturing is our passion.

About NuLine Manufacturing, Inc.: Pioneers in Platen Technology

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NuLine Manufacturing, Inc

Established in 1968, the story of NuLine Manufacturing, Inc. is a tale of innovation and transformation that began with the groundbreaking development of the platen pouch machine by T Guard. This revolutionary invention marked the inception of a company that would significantly impact multiple industries and shape the evolution of platen technology.

History of Platen Pouch Machine

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The first platen pouch machine, a brainchild of T.Guard, was initially designed to craft tapered sleeves specifically tailored for the floral industry. Little did the world know this invention would unveil an entirely new frontier in the converting industry. With the introduction of the platen pouch machine, NuLine Manufacturing, Inc. set a precedent for ingenuity that would pave the way for a multitude of applications.

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A Technological Revolution

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The introduction of platen technology did not stop at floral sleeves. It triggered a revolution that spanned numerous sectors, propelling the growth of industries that found innovative uses for this remarkable technology. The ability to shape thermally sealable films brought a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, leading to the transformation of multiple markets.

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Evolution of Platen Technology

NuLine Manufacturing, Inc

NuLine’s platen technology has been at the heart of several transformative waves in various industries. What were once products crafted solely from vinyl using RF (Radio Frequency) technology now find a more efficient and economical solution in thermally sealable materials. The foil balloon market, which began to take shape in the early 1970s, adopted this technology, and its influence continues to reverberate through the industry to this day.

In the early 1980s, platen technology found its way into the medical and surgical market, where it catalyzed the production of an extensive range of pouches, bags, and disposables. The applications were diverse, addressing a myriad of needs in the healthcare sector and beyond.

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A Leader in Innovation​

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The journey of NuLine Manufacturing, Inc. is a testament to a relentless commitment to innovation and excellence. Over the years, the platen technology that began as a pioneering concept has evolved into a game-changing force. Today, NuLine is a global leader in various domains, including liquid packaging and bag-n-box machinery, gas sterilization pouch machines, and gas-filled packaging.

The company’s contributions have extended far beyond its initial invention, impacting industries far and wide. The spirit of innovation continues to drive NuLine’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and pushing the boundaries of what platen technology can achieve.

As NuLine Manufacturing, Inc. forges ahead, the legacy of its groundbreaking platen technology remains a testament to the power of innovation and its enduring influence across diverse industries.