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Innovative Equipment Design

Innovative Equipment Design

NuLine Manufacturing, Inc is a comprehensive machine design and machine builder, offering platen style machines for shaped specialty pouches and straight bar pouch machines for the flexible film converting industry. Sealing technologies are constant heat and impulse. We will customize to meet you exact needs.

Engineering and Operational Capabilities

Engineering and  Operational Capabilities

Our engineering capabilities at NuLine Manufacturing, Inc extend from consultation and feasibility studies to design, fabrication, and integration of unwinding, sealing, assembly, die-cutting and trim removal systems.

The wide operational capabilities and cost savings of equipment, open the door to new products and new markets for your organization that previously may have been cost-prohibitive.

Features of Our Film Converting Machinery

Features of Our Film Converting Machinery
State-of-the-art Electronic Controls

Machine sequencing functions are controlled through a PC compatible processor or PLC. All program functions such as draw length, dwell time, index speed, acceleration and deceleration rates, production count, statistical process control, etc. are adjustable through the control screen for maximum ease of set up and operation. Our systems are designed to meet only what the customer requires. If that means simple, we make it simple.

Servo Drives

The proven technology of servo drive provides the speed, accuracy, and repeatability to produce high-quality products consistently and reliably. Whether you are running printed or unprinted materials, advanced servo technology will give you a competitive edge while staying energy efficient. 

Tension Control

A major key to producing high-quality pouches from extensible films is the ability to control the web tension through the entire process. Our powered unwinds, and precise, belt supported 1:1 indexing capability, enables our machines to run the highest seal quality obtainable with high production speeds.

Modular Design Flexibility

Machine functions are designed as individual units. Pre-engineered add-on modules allow the customer the flexibility to choose the options necessary to run their existing products or economically upgrade the machine for future products. Our equipment capability can grow with your ever-expanding market.

Quick Product Change Overs

Our open-die head and modular machine design allow the same machine to produce a wide variety of products. Quick product changes can be accomplished by simply removing the die from the quick-release fasteners, installing a new die, and pushing the preprogrammed one-button product set up. The same machine can literally produce several different products during the same shift, cost-effectively.



"Some specialty products cannot justify the investment or production capabilities of an automatic, high-speed machine. NuLine will design a semi-automatic lab or prototyping equipment to meet your product development and short-run production requirements."

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