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Contract Manufacturing


Colorado Based Contract Manufacturing

Colorado Based Contract Manufacturing

Apart from manufacturing packaging equipment for your needs, we also can run the production for you. This is a great way to get new products out in the market. With a small tooling cost, we could have your production up and running on our state-of-the-art machines within a matter of weeks.

Our production personnel is experienced and capable of producing 500 or 5 million pieces.

Some of the Products We Manufacturer

Some of the Products We Manufacturer
  • Bag-n-box liquid packaging 3 liters to 300 gallon
  • Military spec pouches
  • Colostomy and ostomy bags
  • Floral sleeves
  • The microscope and surgical procedure drapes
  • Disposable boot covers
  • Foil balloons
  • Gas-filled panels
  • IV overwrap pouches
  • Round bottom meat bags
  • Inflatable packages
  • Truck and rail car dunnage bags
  • Kidney drainage bags
  • Peel and sterilization pouches
  • Gel packs
  • Water heater foam stop bags
  • Knee and back surgery procedure pouches
  • Veterinary gloves
  • Void fill pouches
  • Fiberglass bat packing
  • Hypothermia blankets
  • Pressure pouches
  • Automobile disposable seat covers
  • Gusseted cheese bags
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